Unilever Philippines


The Powders Plant Upgrade included full re-build of the Powders processing and packaging plant. This included new vacuum powders conveying system lump crashing, screening and distribution to the packaging plant.

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Services included where PID's, concrete and steel structural work, mechanical layout and design and associated piping for product handling and services.


| Unilever Project Powders Plant Upgrade
| Unilever NSD Bars Upgrade
| Unilever Project 4MT Mixing Powders Plant
| Personal Care 5Tonne Mixing - Surgery 2
| Personal Care Alcoholics Mixing – Upgrade
| Plant Water Treatment – Upgrade
| Personal Care 10Tonne Storage
| Personal Care Plant Layout
| Powders Mixing Boone Mixer AirLift Addition
| Personal Care 10Tonne Mixing
| Personal Care Plant Survey
| Deos City Site Survey
| 2 Mtonne Mixing (Deos Pilot)
| Steam Generation Plant
| 3MT PC Plant As-built Site Survey
| On Site Project Coord | G8 Upgrade
| Boone Automation
| EMIT 2
| Hydrant As-Built Phase 1&2
| Kilimanjaro Upgrade
| 2nd Doy Pouch As-Built
| All Fill As-Built
| New Processing Tanks (ESM) Upgrade
| Savoury As-Built
| Unilever Blanket PO - Allan Reyes (PC Plant)
| Unilever Blanket PO - Carlos Cruz (Powders)
| Unilever Blanket PO - Martin Ilumin (Dressings)
| Unilever Fixed PO - Martin Ilumin (Savoury)
| Unilever - Kilimanjaro As-Built
| Ilapak (this will serve as blanket PO)

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