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360 Global Team provides full project services, from Feasibility-PFS, Bankable Study-BFS, Detail Design-EP and Construction Management-CM, including full fabrication detailing throughout Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa and the Americas. Services are provided from Project Concept to Commissioning and beyond. Our design service team has a blend of industry experience and youthfully enthusiasm which combines to deliver “World’s Best Practice” documentation on time and at very competitive pricing. All Environmental Standards together with Health & Safety requirements are implicit in all Project Design. We take pride in delivering its services and continuous project support on a “Win-Win” basis for the mutual benefit of all concerned.”


360-Global was founded and incorporated in the Philippines in November 2007.

The company started on very small project packages. The fundamental company philosophy provided immediate client satisfaction and the client base has continued to grow.

360-Global Inc. is a relatively young company, the management team have been involved in the design, and drafting services and have a cumulative experience in the industry of over 30 years.

With the focus to provide the very best in service to our clients we utilize the latest technology in the 3D modeling and detailing in the CAD (computer aided drafting) discipline. This allows us to deliver fully coordinated multi discipline project engineering and 3D models. From these models we can produce fully detailed fabrication drawing deliverable’s that produce a clash free project at the construction phase. The company continually upgraded this initial adoption of intelligent 3D model technology and procedures to a robust set that interacts seamlessly in 360-Global’s current projects. All engineering disciplines, Civil, Earthworks, Structural, Mechanical, Piping, Electrical, are continually coordinated throughout the development of a project.


  • Materials Handling
  • Minerals Processing Plant
  • Power Generation Plant
  • Petro-Chemical Plant
  • Project Infrastrustructure Development


  • Structural
  1. Structural engineering, Concrete and Steelwork
  2. Structural design modeling and design layout
  3. Structural Fabrication layout, assembly and single parts
  4. Structural rebar scheduling
  5. BOM’s, NC, DXF and Kss file generation
  6. All stages coordinated and interconnected via modeling and database
  • Platework
  1. Platework engineering structural design, chutes hoppers, impact screens, tanks
  2. Platework design modeling and design layout, including liner and impact screens
  3. Platework Fabrication layout, assembly and single parts
  4. BOM’s, NC, DXF and Kss file generation
  5. All stages coordinated and interconnected via modeling and database
  • Piping
  1. Piping engineering, pipe sizing, water and slurry pumping sizing and selection, stress analysis
  2. Detailed P&ID development
  3. Piping modeling and design layout
  4. Piping construction detail layouts
  5. Piping fabrication isometric generation and detailing, including all specification of materials, piping fittings, instrumentation and vendor equipment. Piping supports are also included, together with project reference coordinates
  6. BOM’s with individual listings to suit the client’s requirements.
  7. All stages coordinated and interconnected via modeling and database
  • Electrical and Instrumentation
  1. Electrical, instrumentation, and control engineering to IEC, Australian, NEC, and IEEE standards
  2. Electrical load studies and analyses
  3. Evaluation of power supply options
  4. High voltage and low voltage power system modeling and design
  5. Short circuit, protection, earthing/grounding, harmonic, lightning, and lighting calculations and design
  6. Hazardous areas design
  7. Electrical equipment sizing and selection
  8. Instrument sizing and selection
  9. Control system architecture design and specification
  10. Electrical cables trays and conduits are included in the piping models and layouts
  11. Equipment lists and bills of materials
  12. All stages coordinated and interconnected via modeling and database
  13. Electrical, instrumentation, and control construction supervision and commissioning
  • Capital Estimating and Procurement
  1. 360 Global has developed the Estimating and Procurement systems to seamlessly take advantage of the data that is produced from the engineering, as a project is developed.
  2. Budget Estimates can be continuously developed with constantly updating documentation via “refresh” macros, that access the data that is repeatedly added to as a project is developed. The utilisation of Microsoft SQL Express and Access data base software, linked to each engineering discipline software packages, achieve this seamless integration of data throughout the whole project development process.
  3. Estimating and Procurement packages are developed in Microsoft Excel software. This utilizes the database “refresh” macros system. This includes individual engineering discipline estimates as well as the overall, in “Summary” documentation.
  4. Individual Procurement packages and Equipment data sheets are built up from the same “one and only project database”


Relatively stable democratic government based on the U.S. model.

  • Wage structure that is lower than most Western Countries.
  • Cultural compatibility and excellent knowledge of English
  • Professional quality is world standard


Equality & Diversity

The company is committed to attracting and retaining a diverse team of employees who reflect the communities in which we live and work.

360Global Inc.  does not discriminate against applicants based on race, national or ethnic origin, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability or any other status or condition protected by applicable national law.  360Global Inc. also provides applicants and employees with reasonable accommodation upon request, as may be required.

Persons with Disabilities

Inclusive Workplace — A future without barriers

Diversity at 360Global Inc. is about respecting individual differences and recognizing the value those differences bring to 360 Global Inc. in terms of creativity, productivity, and service excellence. Our objective is to have people of all backgrounds realize their full potential as an important part of our team.

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