CAPS is a supplier of compressed air and blower air equipment in customized module form to suit small, medium and large commercial and industrial projects.

360 global has supplied design, layout and detail services for the fabrication and installation of these packages.

Disciplines included mechanical, structural and piping.

This service has included 3D-modelling and associated builds of materials for procurement, assembly, personnel induction and video presentation.

Project Packages

| Chinese Vessels
| Koniambo Pipe Spool Detailing
| Water Corporation - Kohler Gen Set 4045T(SKIDS)
| Woodside - WR2 Project (Lifting Beams)
| 420 George Street Project(Flow diagram)
| Water Corporation - Job # 7006(SKIDS)
| Ingersoll Rand type MM55 compressor - Lifting Skid
| SBR Compressor Skid
| Abesque Skid
| Amec Blower Skid
| Compressor Skid - BHP Mount Newman
| CAPS Blower
| Compressor Skid - Origin Energy, BHPB Area
| Compressed Air Installation
| Compressed Models
| CAPs Test Room Expansion Model PDF
| FMG 7400 x 2100, Skid Compressed Air System
| Calibre Skids Compressed Air Systems
| Hertz Compressor Skid
| Compressor Skid & Small Dryer Skid
| Apache P & I.D. and Arrangements
| FMG - Lower Plant Skid North Star Stage 1
| FMG - Cloudbreak Skid
| Package Job 8790
| Lifting Skid Frame Job 8799
| Billfinger Compressor Package Job 8813
| Calibre Skids
| Compressed Air System Microstation Files
| Woodside Moisture Separator
| Woodside Dryer Vessel
| Koniambo Plot detail Review
| Penrith Electrical Circuit
| Woodside Rankin PID's
| Coca Cola Vessel

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