Engineering Design & Drafting

Once a project has been studied and confirmed as feasible and economically viable, the “Detail Design” can be developed.

360 Global has the engineering and drafting capabilities to provide a fully integrated, multi-diciplined engineering service that shall include Metallurgical, Process, Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Piping, Electrical and Controls.

Project Documentation shall include all Calculations, Mass Balance, Specifications, Drawings and Equipment Packages, suitable tendering and construction purposes.

The associated Project Database that is continually generated and updated, as the project documentation is developed, provides consistent and accurate data, suitable for all aspects of Tender Packaging and BOM’s (bills of materials) and /or MTO’s (material take-off)

All drafting is developed with intelligent 3D modelling that also delivers data the Project Database. These 3D models generate all the 2D drawing deliverables and 3D visualisations.”

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